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Best Fight Odds

Best Fight Odds for a Winning MMA Betting Experience 

Get Betting Tips from a Professional MMA Handicapper and Watch Your Money Roll In


Premier Fight Picks is your one-stop destination for a top-tier MMA betting experience. With incredible industry knowledge in sports betting and hands-on expertise as a professional MMA handicapper, I have got you covered for everything. You can be sure I will give you the best picks with the best fight odds from a vast selection of MMA fighters, while keeping you updated on upcoming UFC fights. 


MMA and UFC Odds Explained 


The popularity of Mixed Martial Arts as a sporting event has been exploding globally, and as a result brings an increased demand for UFC betting. With international superstars like Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor taking the sport by storm, the mainstream appeal of UFC betting has further increased. 


In UFC betting, moneyline is the typical form of wagering. You need to bet on one fighter…the best pick…to win. The moneyline fight odds will be assigned to the favorite and to the underdog. Ideally, the favorite will have a negative value while the underdog gets a positive value. 


When betting on the favorite, you must risk a higher amount, but the reward is typically smaller. On the other hand, the sportsbook encourages betting on the underdog by offering a higher payout. Therefore, you are able to risk a smaller amount while receiving a bigger reward. In addition, the negative fight odds number indicates the amount of money you need to wager in order to win $100. Conversely, the positive odds number indicates how much you can win by wagering $100.  


Why Choose Premier Fight Picks? 


The popularity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has accelerated the growth of Mixed Martial Arts in recent times. It is the best platform for professional fighters to showcase their skill, and thispaves the way for lucrative betting opportunities. At Premier Fight Picks, I am there to take you on a ride, bringing the best fight odds and MMA betting for major events in the calendar: 


  • Top-tier, proven betting system 

  • Long-term profit earning 

  • Vast industry experience as a professional MMA handicapper and ability to read fighterpsychology based on my formal education

  • 100% credible tipster platform with tracked results


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