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About Me


My name is Bardia Helmi, I am 29 years old, and am a full-time professional sports bettor, combat sports analyst, as well as a lifelong martial artist. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California which is where I currently reside. In 2019, I graduated Latin honors from UCLA with a bachelors in Psychology.

Having been involved in the sports betting world for over a decade, I started out by fulfilling my passion of helping others. For nearly two years, I gave out weekly MMA picks for free on my Instagram page so all my followers could benefit. The happiness my help brought them as they watched their bank accounts grow was contagious. In addition, the recent unfortunate events caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic inspired me to do something greater with my abilities. Therefore, I made it a mission of mine to share my gift with people all around the world in order to help them achieve financial freedom as best I could, even during the most trying of times.

My long-time success as an MMA handicapper and analyst stems from my numerous years of experience with sports betting, in addition to the thousands of hours spent training, coaching, and competing on the mats in various martial arts disciplines. As a 2nd degree black belt in the premier standup martial art of Kenpo Karate, I have developed a vast knowledge of the intricacies and nuances involved in arguably the most complex sport in the world known as MMA. This knowledge has helped me consistently and accurately predict how different fighter styles will clash on Fight Night.

I attribute part of my success in mixed martial arts handicapping to my formal education. At the highest level in combat sports, there is a saying, “99% of fighting is mental.” A fighter can have all the talent in the world but still succumb to pressure on fight night and lose to a lesser skilled opponent. This can be as a result of weak psychology on their part or stronger psychology on the opponent’s part (have you ever heard of Aldo vs. McGregor?). Most people fail to take this huge aspect of fighting into consideration when making bets, mainly due to their lack of understanding of psychology and how crucial a role it plays in sports in general. For me, watching film consists of reviewing past fights AND following fighters’ lives in the lead up to competition through interviews and various other forms of media.

My life’s involvement in the sport of MMA and background in psychology explains my edge over oddsmakers. I can see things from a unique perspective while breaking down film in preparation for constructing my premium bets, quick picks, and analyses. Stay on top of the betting game by taking advice about fight outcomes from someone that trains and competes in combat sports on a regular basis, not someone that hasn’t thrown a punch in their entire life!

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