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Bardia has been a God-send with his picks!

Bardia has been a God-send with his picks! My only regret is that I didn’t take his advice EARLIER. He’s been giving me his solid MMA picks for the last two years. Year one, I was greedy and ignored a lot of his bets because other online handicappers were making “better” picks with “bigger payouts.” Well...needless to say, I got burned on those picks. Luckily, I wised up year two and have been exclusively using Premier Fight Picks. Within a matter of two months, I made up for a YEAR of losses AND MORE. My confidence has grown, and I am now placing big boy bets every time Bardia gives me the break down. And here’s why: HE BACKS UP WHAT HE SAYS. I have played devil's advocate on almost every pick he has given me, and he has been able to give me peace of mind and confidence by breaking down film & giving REAL, TECHNICAL analysis about how the fights can and will likely play out. As a life-long mixed martial artist himself, Bardia has taught me better than to ever doubt him again. The 20% ROI thus far has spoken for itself! Don’t miss your chance to sit back & START CASHING.



Jack C



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