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Nothing intrigues hardcore MMA fans more than the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)! Not only is this combat sport full of enthusiasm and thrill, but it also paves the way for lucrative betting opportunities. 


If you are interested in UFC betting, you have come to the right place. Premier Fight Picks is the #1 MMA betting site where you will find everything you want – get expert tips to make the best picks and experience real money-making opportunities! We have one of the most consistent winning track records, helping thousands of betting enthusiasts have their luck in the most exciting sport in modern times. 


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  • Industry Experience You Can Rely On: CEO Bardia Helmi is a full-time professional MMA handicapper with a 2nd degree black belt in stand-up martial arts. Helmi has developed unmatched knowledge of the nuances and intricacies of this complex sport. His hands-on experience in this sport and expertise in psychology gives him an edge over other handicappers by accurately and consistently predicting how varied fighting styles will match up on fight night. As a result, you will be consistently increasing your odds of winning bets by using Premier Fight Picks. 

  • Proven Betting System: The universal unit system is proven to be most effective for long-term profitability. The unit system is designed to keep you winning, regardless of your bankroll size. Premier Fight Picks will provide expert advice on how many units you should consider wagering on each bet we give out. 

  • 100% Reliable: All our bets are tracked using software from bettin.gs. Additionally, our system has a high winning track record that gives you peace of mind when choosing Premier Fight Picks to inform your betting decisions.

  • For All Skill Levels: Whether you are a beginner trying your hand at UFC betting or a pro, we offer the best picks, highest credibility, and safest betting system. With top-tier industry knowledge and experience, Premier Fight Picks can ensure you real results for years to come.


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