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Premier Fight Picks is home to the world’s best sports betting experience with expert advice, top picks, and proven strategies from one of the leading sports handicappers. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned bettor, Bardia Helmi can give you an edge over oddsmakers when betting on the Ultimate Fighting Championship and MMA in general. Regardless of your betting style, he will get you winning picks with valuable odds allowing you to make long-term profit. 


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For several years, Bardia Helmi has been offering the best sports betting experience to enthusiasts across the world. His vast knowledge in the sports betting industry has allowed him to consistently give out winning MMA picks time and time again. Not only is he a professional MMA handicapper, but he also has hands-on experience with coaching, training and competing as a martial artist. As a 2nddegree black belt in Kenpo Karate, he has been able to thoroughly understand the nuances involved in MMA.  


But that is not all! His bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA really kicks up his knowledge in the business. This knowledge of understanding people’s mindsets has given him an edge as a sports handicapper. He believes that at the highest level of combat, “99% of fighting is mental.” No one can predict the mindset of a fighter on fight night and this can be a major determining factor in winning or losing. However, Bardia is well equipped in being able to understand fighter psychology based on their actions, interviews and past fights. This enables him to help you with winning bets. 


His personal involvement as a mixed martial artist, knowledge in psychology, and vast experience in betting has helped him gain a competitive edge over other sports handicappers. Stay on top of the UFC betting game and have winning odds by taking advice and strategies from an MMA handicapper who has practical training in combat sports; not someone who does not know the art and science of Mixed Martial Arts. 


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